Dicash Journey
Migration Dinheirus
Migration of Dinheirus.Cash tokens
DICASH token holders must migrate to the JOURNEY token. To do this, they must send all their tokens to the address 0x99281c386B7cF47bB35fc4cfC227beeA57f2310c until January 15, 2022.
Tokens will be migrated at a 3 to 1 ratio. This means that if a holder sends 300,000 DICASH they will receive 100,000 JOURNEY.
The sending will not be immediate, it will be done in two parts, with half of the tokens at the end of February and the rest at the end of March.
Example: If a holder submits 300,000 DICASH on time, he will receive 150,000 JOURNEY by the end of February and 150,000 JOURNEY by the end of March. Tokens will be sent to the same wallet used.
There is no need to send us a confirmation email as everything is registered with BscScan.
Migration made after January 15th will have a 50% fee.
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